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Compromise is not
Forgotten at Exotic Flights.

The jet age spelled adventure for the elite sisterhood of pretty, single, bright, young women known as stewardesses. But it wasn’t all Pucci uniforms and carving Chateaubriand for wealthy potential husbands-there were girdle checks and “Fly me” ads, too.

Nonetheless, they were starlets of the skies in a way today’s flight attendants can only imagine. At Exotics Flights our CEO Rudy Gonzalez continues to impeach the flight attendants of today and we will continue to create Elite Flight Stewardess from the era of Pan Am Airways as our blueprint.



Cadets selected for the Elite Flight Stewardess Program will go from 0 flight experience to a well-prepared candidate for the private jet industry. Our 6-month probation will consist of 1,000 hours of instruction with 100 actual aircraft flight hours,


including our post -9/11 Elite Unit To secure passenger safety antiterrorism and take back aircraft control this high-intensity and high impact physical training and examination test with an 8 to 1 ratio for every eight girls that attend the class only one will graduate to a show only top cadets will make the final cut and become a SkiesGuard Elite Flight Stewardess

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