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The Birth of the Private Jet Service

2004–2024 History


Mike Tyson's long-time bodyguard Rudy Gonzalez worked with a pop icon when she asked him? If there was anything he could do to relieve the headache of finding a reliable private jet charter service for her world tour. The rock star and celebrities Rudy Gonzalez worked for seemed to be in the same boat.

They did not want to buy individual memberships for fractional ownership of an airline, nor deal with the fees attached to charter companies. Often all that was required were seats for the star, staff, and entourage: no five-star amenities, gourmet food service, on-demand flight scheduling, flexibility, and, more importantly, privacy.

It was from that frustration that a pop star's request Exotic Flights Ultra Private Jet Service had provided an elite platform for travel for top Celebrities and Music Artist for the last 13 years. This regal like, personalized, newly formed venture within the Music industry destined to change the private jet industry and set new heights.

 It was operating out of Falcon Trust Air at Tamiami-Executive Airport – complete with a 20,000-sq.-ft. The luxury terminal, which included a private movie theater, private suites for VIP's and a recording studio – the company was unlike anything you have ever seen before

incredibly beautiful Elite Flight Stewardess resembling Hollywood starlets appeared to have just popped out of some 1940's pin-up calendar with red, sexy mini-skirted uniforms. Clients like 50-Cent, Marc Anthony, Akon, and Rihanna could relax in climate-controlled, cushy, tastefully decorated interiors that look like a posh living room with luxurious leather seats.

Clients had the choice to fly on any one of the superior technologically advanced jets in the Exotic Flights Gulfstream Fleet, such as the: G550, G650ER, and G700. Flights included all-inclusive features like in-flight gourmet food, beverage services, and door to door upon the client’s request, for a flat, per hour rate with no hidden fees

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