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Bombardier Global 5500

The Global 5500 is a ultra long-range large cabin class business jet introduced in 2005 and is a variation of the original BD-700 that entered service in 1999. Powered by two BR710A2-20 engines producing 12,750 lbf each, allowing the 5500 to carry 4 passengers an NBAA IFR range of 5,475 nm with a max cruise speed of 499 knots. The Global 5000 provides seating for up to 16 passengers in the pressurized flat floor cabin. The aircraft is operated by a crew of 3 and features the Vision Flight Deck.

Large Cabin Class Business Jets

NBAA 4 or 8* Pax IFR Range5,475 nm

Max Cruise Speed (ktas)499

Long Range Cruise (ktas)470

Max Payload (lbs)7,139

Takeoff Distance (SL, ISA, MTOW)5,540

Service Ceiling (ft)51,000

PowerplantBR710A2-20 x2

Thrust per engine (lbf)14,750

AvionicsVision Flight

Est Cost Per Hour $11,000.00

Passengers + Crew13+3

Cabin Length (excluding baggage)40 ft 9 in

Cabin Width7 ft 11 in

Cabin Height6 ft 2 in

Aircraft Length96 ft 10 in

Wingspan94 ft

Internal Baggage195 cu ft

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