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"The mobility of a command center allows us to conduct response and flight operations from any remote site during operations,” said Rudy Gonzalez, Founder & CEO of Exotic Flights “The vehicle will house state-of-the-art equipment that will allow us to track aircraft and maintain our high flight standards of operation and sale presents.

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Real-time flight status, departures, and arrivals, airport Track real-time flight status, departures, and arrivals and a look at misery map live. and PDF books

For most of the Exotic Flights, the Star Class meal menu was designed by Napa Valley-based chef and restaurateur Chris Chiarello, who focuses on a blend of Southern Italian and northern California cuisine. His menus include antipasto plates, different flavors of gelato, and cheeses that often hail from California wine country. Aboard flights to and from our flight's Exotic Flights First Class menu was created by Miami-based and James Beard-award-winning chef and restaurateur Michelle Bernstein, who is known for highlighting Latin flavors. Exotic Flights Star Class wine program was designed by Napa-based master sommelier Andrea Martin II.

In Operation Since 2004

Mobile  Flight Command Center- Coming in  Fall of 2018

At Exotic Flights, we understand that every moment spent with the people you care about is precious and that you want to make the most of this time. You may be thinking of celebrating those closest to you and going away with friends or family for a vacation. If so, you should consider renting a private jet to travel together in total luxury, arriving quickly and safely.

You could be forgiven for thinking that private jet charter is a very expensive way to travel, but nowadays you’d be surprised. What with modern airframes and fuel-efficient engines, not to mention the comfort and security, private jet rental is rapidly becoming the way to travel.

The excitement of hiring your own private jet starts the moment you leave home. You might be expecting first class service—but with Exotic Flights, it’s so much more than this. Our award-winning service comes from dealing with our team of passionate individuals who believe in delivering a totally unforgettable experience.

Exotic Flights Mobile Forward Flight Operations Base will be located on the Street or airport locations, which will be established to extend Exotic Flights command, control and communications providing support for our passengers and flight operation Exotic Flights Mobile Forward Flight Operations Base may be established for temporary or longer duration operations and may include a fix airport operation, or Point of Sales gallery. Our Mobile Forward Flight Operations Base unit will be the location of flight operations component headquarters and/or supported by a flight crew and customer service operations. A vehicle that serves as a self-sustaining mobile operations center capable of operating in an environment with little to no basic services, facilitating communications between multiple entities using an array of fixed and/or wireless communications equipment, providing appropriate work space for routine support functions, and providing basic services for personnel in short-term or long-term deployments.