In Operation Since 2004

Compromise is not Forgotten at Exotic Flights

The jet age spelled adventure for the elite sisterhood of pretty, single, bright, young women known as stewardesses. But it wasn’t all Pucci uniforms and carving Chateaubriand for wealthy potential husbands-there were girdle checks and “Fly me” ads, too. Nonetheless, they were starlets of the skies in a way today’s flight attendants can only imagine. At Exotics Flights our CEO Rudy Gonzalez continues to impeach the flight attendants of today and we will continue to create Elite Flight Stewardess from the era of Pan Am Airways as our blueprint.

Applicants must have legal rights to live and work in the USA. The company will not assist in obtaining work permits/visa, we also require pass Aviation background.

If you like to receive more information on our Elite Stewardesses Program please feel free to send us a resume and photo to

• Must endure extreme physical training & swimming.
• Must meet our uniform standard of height & weight.
• Must be a US citizen or proper International visa.
• Must be between the ages of 21 to 31 (with some exceptions)
• Must be single.
• No children. (with some exceptions)
• No Mental illness.
• Must be bilingual.
• Must clear homeland security background check.
• Must meet FAA & FBI clearance.
• I must complete and pass flight attendant training program FAR part 121.
• Must obtain your private pilot’s license as a mandatory part of your contract
• Mandatory PADI Search & Rescue certification.
• Mandatory Close Quarter combat training & certification in Aikido.
• Mandatory lifeguard certification.
• Critical choice 1st Aid training & certification.
• International etiquette training & certification.
• Counter-terrorism training & certification
• Emergency cockpit training.
• Must pass our psychological evaluation (fit for flight)
• Must Sign our 5-year employment agreement.

Elite Stewardesses Program is pay by Exotic Flights
Starting salary is $125.00 per hour + benefits

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