My journey which I started in 2004 with a vision of an industry that I refuse to compromise and with a blank piece of paper the groundwork was laid for the birth of Exotic Flights. Aviation has many grave sights of failed attempts, and tombstones of companies carved by their greed and jealousy, but as the clock tick by I could only focus on the 3 inches in front of me and together with a few who didn't self-destruct in the times of need Exotic Flights has gotten the attention... of one Dubai Prince who now asked me to put our footprints in his sand in Dubai.

As I turn to the second page of Exotic Flights, the groundwork has been establishing and a new service in a new region that will eventually become the “Skies Of Dubai” and as the blueprint is put in motion to create the first 5 Star Regional Rotor Blade Airline servicing Dubai and its neighboring Cities. We are our footprints in his sand 3 years ago I was invited to Dubai with the hopes that I can establish the brand there. Several visits later and meeting the right group of individuals to be able to accomplish this Exotic Flights Dubai will become part of the fabric of the Emirates including Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi.

In Operation Since 2004