In Operation Since 2004

Weights (lb)BBJ, 737-700-IGW
Max Ramp 171,500
Max Takeoff 171,000
Max Landing 134,000
Zero Fuel 126,000c
BOW 97,740
Max Payload 28,260
Useful Load 73,760
Executive Payload 3,800
Max Fuel 71,737
Max Fuel 71,737
Avail Payload Max Fuel 2,023
Avail Fuel Max Payload 45,500
Avail Fuel Exec Payload 69,960
Limits BBJ, 737-700-IGW
MMO 0.820
Transition Altitude FL/VMO FL 260/340
Cabin Pressurization (PSI) 9.0

Airport Performance BBJ, 737-700-IGW
TO (Sea Level, ISA Temp) 6,085
TO (5000′, @25C) 10,200
Hot/High WAT 170,827
V2 @ SL ISA, MTOW 6,260
VREF 116
Landing Distance with 4 Passengers 2,360
Climb BBJ, 737-700-IGW
Time to Climb/Alt 25/FL 370
Engine Out Rate pm N/A
FAR 25 Engine-Out Grad (ft/nm) N/A
Ceilings (ft) BBJ, 737-700-IGW
Certificated 41,000
All Eng Srv 38,000
Eng Out Service 20,500
Sea Level Cabin 18,500

Long Range Cruise BBJ, 737-700-IGW
KTAS 452
Fuel Flow 4,707
Altitude FL 390
Specific Range 0.096
High-Speed Cruise BBJ, 737-700-IGW
KTAS 470
Fuel Flow 5,567
Altitude FL 370
Specific Range 0.084

"The Flying Mansion to take you Around the World"

The Skyview Panoramic Window, measuring approximately 4.5 feet by 1.5 foot (1.4 x 0.5 m), is created by effectively joining three existing 737 windows together. Situated aft of the wing with multiple potential locations based on the airplane type, it offers customers an unparalleled perspective of the world.

"We are proud to announce the next step for the Skyview Panoramic window together with Boeing Business Jets," said Peter Somers, President of GKN’s Fokker Services business. "The innovative technology applied in the largest window in the market enhances passenger comfort and is now also available for BBJ MAX airplanes."

Boeing Business Jets proves range capability with record-setting trans-Pacific flight.

"The BBJ can fly more than 6,000nm non-stop, for example from Johannesburg to London or Los Angeles to Paris."

Boeing Business Jets brings the best of commercial aviation into the realm of private air travel, offering customers a wide range of Boeing products that can be uniquely customized for the private, business or governmental sectors. The robust characteristics of these airplanes also provide an excellent value proposition when outfitted for the private market; offering larger, more personalized space, unmatched reliability, and worldwide support.

Our customers put a high premium on quality, convenience, and mobility. Most often, they want access to the same amenities in the air as they have on the ground including an office, bedroom, shower, dining facilities, entertainment areas and more. And Boeing Business Jets can deliver it all. That's a better way to fly.

The center section features an open living space with an entertainment lounge, a bar, and a formal dining room. A master suite and private office occupy the forward section of the airplane, and two mini-suites in the aft section provide guest accommodations. A spa serenity room in the aft area offers passengers a space for in-flight exercise and relaxation.

Depending on those needs, you might enter to discover a beautiful, private master bedroom set up at the front of the aircraft, with seating and dining areas beyond, as well as VIP or business class seating. Or you might find the private stateroom you requested, as well as a lounge for open meetings and a variety of seating.

We have streamlined the process to access a vast assortment of large & small capacity "Private Aircraft" which are operated by certified air carriers for all of your Business, or Charter needs.