Aircraft Rate Per  Hour

Very Light Jets:                             $2,400/hr - $2,750/hr

​​                                            Citation Mustang Cessna 1,167 NM

Light Jets:                                    $2,600/hr - $2,900/hr

​                                            Embraer Phenom 100,  1,356 NM

Midsize Jets:                               $2,900/hr - $3,800/hr

                                            Embraer Phenom 300,  2,668 NM

Super Midsize Jets:                    $4,800/hr - $5,300/hr

                                         Bombardier Challenger 350,  3,682 NM

Large Long Range Jets:             $7,500/hr - $10,000/hr

                                             GULFSTREAM G650ER,  7,002 NM

Boeing Business Jet:                   $20,000/hr - $31,000/hr

                                                    18 passengers  + (VIP Suite) 

Helicopters:                                 $1,850/hr - $2,800/hr

                                             ​AgustaWestland AW139, 587 NM


Billing Time:  Total air-traveled time during the entire flight will be multiplied by the hourly rate of the aircraft. The hourly rate will vary from aircraft to charter services request by the client. (engine cycles on & engine cycle off)

No Airport Handling Fees:  The Aircraft Handling Company or Fixed Based Operator (FBO) would be needed to manage an aircraft on most of the airports. Passenger transportation, Airport servicing, fuel, crew resting and other handling necessity charges will be included by Exotic Flights.

No Airport Landing Fees:  An airport charges a particular free for aircraft landing. The landing fee will depend on the weight of the aircraft.

Passenger Taxes:  A passenger departure tax has been in effect by many countries depending on the route.

Flight Stewardess:  The crew size will be depended on the size of the aircraft.

No Crew Expenses:  On-air food and drinks and other services of the crew will have to be provided by ExoticFlights.

Ground Transport:  Transportation of the crew and the passengers will be taken care of by Exotic Flights.

Crew Hotel:  Costs for your crew (return trips): Overnight and hotel charges of the crew will have to be paid by Exotic Flights.

Aircraft Parking: Airport parking of the aircraft in case of return trips or round trips should be handled by Exotic Flights.
Vehicle Parking: Passenger parking is included in our secure parking lot.

VIP Ramp Access:  The customer may be dropped off or picked up on the ramp, vehicle ramp valet service will be handled by Exotic Flights. 
Concierge Service: your personal concierge available for any last minute requests or errands.

In Operation Since 2004

 Prices & Estimates

Chartering a private jet can cost somewhere between $1,500 to $28,000 per hour.  Major factors deciding the pricing would be location, aircraft type, timings, and of course the distance of the flight. Unlike typical ordinary airlines, private jets have the leverage to operate from a large number of airports which change based on client requirements. In case a flight departure destination is very far from the home base of the jet, the re-positioning costs will be included in the overall charter price. Following factors might be included.

Aircraft Range

Aircraft listed below are various aircraft types that have been categorized based on their passenger capacity and range.

Exotic Flights does not own or operate any aircraft. All flights are operated by licensed and insured FAR PART 135 Argus Platinum-rated operators or parent company (or foreign equivalent) who has full operational control of all flights at all times. 2004 - 2020 All rights reserved

Midsize Jets:

Midsize Jets - With a slightly larger cabin comes grander, roomier seating and more space to move around in a mid-size jet. Interior features are similar to light jets but have more layout options. It can accommodate 8 passengers comfortably and even 12 or 14 at maximum capacity. Midsize jets also offer greater capabilities with an average flight of about 4 to 5 hours, whereas some even offer nonstop coast-to-coast flight possibilities. 

Super Midsize Jets:

Super Midsize Jets - They operate with the efficiency of midsize aircraft with range and speed of heavy jets, making them suitable for coast-to-coast or international flights. Seating capacity is on the high end of typical midsize jets of 10 to 18 passengers. Some luxury options include a private lavatory with dressing area, spacious internal/external luggage compartments, and advanced entertainment and information centers, and many more features. 

 Time Machine:  Cessna Citation X, top speed of  700 miles an hour @  3,070 NM The Fastest Commercial  Jet -  $ 4, 444.44 /hr

​"This machine was a failure to the extent that it could not fly. In other respects, it was a very important and necessary stepping stone." — Igor Ivanovitch Sikorsky regards the first helicopter, built 1909



Agusta-Bell AB139 is a medium 17-seat twin-engine multi-purpose helicopter produced by the Anglo-Italian manufacturer AgustaWestland. This helicopter type is mostly in operation with civil operators for executive passenger transport (VIP), emergency medical service (EMS), search and rescue operations (SAR), law enforcement and offshore passenger and material transportation.

​​Compact Light Jets:

Compact Light Jets, also referred to as Very Light Jets (VLJs), are small light aircraft that typically hold a small group of 4 or 5 passengers comfortably. They have been described as the "sports cars of aviation." The compact light jets are a fairly new category of aircraft and thus are equipped with the very latest in jet engine technology which delivers the speed, quality, and fuel efficiency that allow for a more cost-effective means of private jet travel. 

Light Jets:

'Light Jets - Also known as 'Light Cabin Jets' are specifically used for medium length flights which may seat 6 passengers comfortably and 8 or 9 at maximum capacity. Light jets are typically outfitted with excellent in-flight entertainment centers, a mini-galley, and luxurious leather and hardwood interiors.

Heavy Jets:

Heavy Jets - Kings of private aircraft with the biggest interiors, most luxurious amenities, and longest nonstop range. They can carry anywhere from 8 to 20 passengers and as much luggage as you could possibly need. They have full-size lavatories with standard dressing rooms, and service is best-managed by the inclusion of a flight attendant in the regular crew. These aircraft can be employed for coast-to-coast or intercontinental flights ranging from 6 to 12 hours nonstop. 

Boeing Business  Jet:

Business airliners - Airline-type aircraft that can accommodate anywhere from 28 to 40 passengers, or heavy loads of cargo. They have travelers pressurized passenger cabins which may be configured in various ways featuring multiple berth and lavatories, a gym, shower, meeting room, and more. The cabins of business airliners can also be laid out to maximize passenger capacity, with a layout more like a commercial airliner.