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We understand that individual travel needs are as unique as our clients. We are committed to making each flight experience comfortable, convenient and productive for those who appreciate only the best.

Our Goal to You

Aircraft management can make or break an aircraft owner or lessee's experience. An aircraft owned or leased often relies on a management company to handle every detail of the operation from employing and training of the flight crew to the purchasing or hedging of fuel.

Our company can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars per year on a private business jet to millions of dollars if a commercial or cargo airliner is being operated.

Contact us to see how we have saved our many clients time and money over the years operating everything from small turbo props to Boeing 747 400's.

 Exotic Flights Aircraft Management Solutions

                                                                                       Fuel Programs

Fuel represents approximately forty percent of the hourly costs of an aircraft. If a mid-size jet flies only forty hours a month, within a year, Flights Aircraft Management Solution fuel discount programs could save you over one hundred thousand dollars! Whether we are just managing your aircraft or generating revenue with it; an established fuel program will save you money or increase margins.



Exotic Flights Aircraft Solutions  Business Jets have been providing turnkey aircraft management package to commercial and private aircraft owners and operators for over 40 years and understand the advantages our clients seek in ownership – as well as the complexities of daily flight operations they would rather avoid. Over 200 clients have benefited from our expertise and global reach. Our aircraft management customers value the simplicity of ownership our services provide as well as appreciate the savings passed on directly to them.

Our global presence represents significant buying power that generates substantial savings in insurance premiums, fueling
, and other operating costs. If commercial management is chosen, we are able to help you benefit from your ownership by chartering your aircraft when it would otherwise not be flying.

Aircraft Maintenance & Support Services

Taking the best from military, commercial and private aviation, our technicians are among the most highly trained and qualified in the world.  From routine inspections to major overhauls, upgrades and modifications, we provide world-class service at competitive prices.

Exotic Flights Aircraft Solutions is uniquely suited to manage yours.

What sets the Exotic Flights Aircraft Solutions program apart from the competition is simple. We insulate you from the routine details associated with operating an aircraft and offer a comprehensive suite of aviation services:

Award-winning Class 3 & 4 maintenance FAA part 145 repair station
Interior completions, upgrade and refurbishment department
Fully equipped private jet facilities
Dedicated avionics and on-site parts departments
Sales, acquisition and consultancy services

Our managed clients become part of the Exotic Flights family and enjoy personal service second to none—24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


A half-century of private jet ownership, operational and management experience
Resources of large fleet operator with personalized service of private flight department
Unmatched safety, efficiency, and quality of service
Highly trained, professional pilots and flight crew
Seamless handling of aircraft crewing, maintenance and dispatching
Professional accounting and ancillary services
Complete security and confidentiality
Comprehensive suite of jet support services


Reduced, negotiated rates for aircraft insurance, fuel, and FBO services
Vendor discounts for aircraft maintenance and parts programs
Flight department training discounts at  FlightSafety and SimuFlite centers
Owner pricing structure for supplemental jet charter requirements


Dedicated 24-hour flight dispatch and coordination
Monthly accounting and financial reporting
Maintenance tracking and implementation
Cabin readiness and upkeep
Optional charter sales to maximize revenue potential
Aircraft monitoring to assure peak condition and reliability
Crew training and scheduling.

Own a private jet you'd like to charter to offset ownership costs?
We will market it and you’ll receive 85% of the charter flight revenue. Our industry purchasing power can also help you achieve lower costs for aviation goods and services. Don’t own a jet but want to? We offer jet ownership consulting. We review jet maintenance activity and cost of ownership to make recommendations on saf
cost containment, and downlink requirements. Our experts can assist you in the acquisition or sale of corporate aircraft.

There are many benefits in owning a business aircraft such as being able to operate directly to your business destination, avoiding commercial airlines with long lines, and having an aircraft available at any time the passengers requires it. However, you will find that the associated costs of maintaining an aircraft when not used can prove expensive for many. A great solution to this problem is to offset those costs by chartering your aircraft through a charter operator.