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For The Music Industry Only

In 2013, R&B recording artist, Akon approached Exotic Flights with interests in the company’s future and an agreement was signed making him Vice President of Entertainment and allowing Exotic Flights to book  Music World Tour with some Incredibly beautiful flight attendants resembling Hollywood starlets appeared to have just popped out of some 1940's pin-up calendar with red, sexy mini-skirted and leather uniforms.

Clients like 50-Cent, Marc Anthony, Akon, and Rihanna could relax in climate-controlled, cushy, tastefully decorated interiors that look like a posh living room with luxurious leather seats. Clients had the choice to fly on any one of the superior technologically advanced jets in the Exotic Flights Gulfstream Fleet, such as the: G450, G550, G650 and Boeing Business Jet 787. Flights included all-inclusive features like in-flight gourmet food, beverage services, and door to door upon the client’s request, for a flat, per hour rate with no hidden fees.

 Akon Vice President of Entertainment

"Around the block or Around the world"

Exotic Flights Music World Tour Jet Division

Exotic Flights has put together a complete package for the music tour industry, which includes a two-year lease, aircraft exchange, tour logistics, support, and a custom jet wrap for your Tour Most of the business aircraft one can see in airports around the world are simply white. The exterior livery of those aircraft is most often simply forgotten in the design process whereas the first thing you see of those aircraft is their outside appearance. We believe that just like in many other areas of life there is no second chance for a first impression. The exterior look of an aircraft should make you want to come on board and travel. It should complement its body and emphasize its design features while also representing the style of its owner.