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When it comes to violence, the second leading cause of on-the-job deaths, however, most companies leave themselves and their employees unprepared and vulnerable. Indeed, in an era in which newspaper headlines of office shootings rattle us with uncomfortable frequency, studies show that very few companies, including those who have experienced multiple acts of workplace violence, have adequate programs or training in place to help prevent and manage on-site threats and violence. Exotic Flights Integrity Division was created to ensure public information on the actions of past and present employees. Who has projected Disturbing Behavior? 

After the continuous threats and harassments, activities of terminated applicants and their vindictive actions on the internet  Exotic Flights Integrity Division has created a case review link to be reviewed by the public and potential future employers on the actions of these individuals.  Integrity@Exotic

Termination In 2015, our CEO Rudy Gonzalez decided to give two individuals the opportunity to join Exotic Flights, two candidates reached out one from LinkedIn  Tzu Ngai a Chinese  2nd generation and the decision was made to interview him for a  Low-level entry accountant. The other candidate Minsoo Go from Facebook and was interviewing for a high-end executive position she came from South Korea. The chain of events that followed for the next 30 days resulted in terminating interview process for both individuals. The most serious of the two was Tzu  Ngai who was fired for Theft, Tortious Interference, Company Hacking and Corporate Espionage.

The other candidate  Minsoo Go from Facebook and was in the US on a 3-month  tourist visa,  and with  Korea strict requirements, relocating cost and no aviation experience,  A no permanent position due to the expense and work visa. Both candidates have taken the position to become internet trolls and made false allegations about the company and the CEO. A very common practice for the internet generation.

Since I founded Exotic Flights in 2004 one of the greatest challenges has been dealing with the haters a group of individuals that cannot accomplish anything in their lives, so they set out to destroy anything in their path with their jealousy, insecurities, and impotence. Using the internet as a tool of Destruction. But it's not how hard you can hit, it's how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, that's what we've done at Exotics Flights with only concentrating on the three inches in front of us. I have built an Empire and I have laid waste to all those haters. So welcome to my world, welcome to Exotic Flights. 

                                                                                        CEO Rudy Gonzalez

Cyberbullying can range from embarrassing or cruel online posts or digital pictures to online threats, harassment, and negative comments, to stalking through emails, websites, social networks and text messages. ... Unfortunately, rumors, threats, and photos can be disseminated on the Internet very quickly.

Exotic Flights, Active No- Fly List is a list created and maintained by our company of people who are prohibited from boarding any of our aircraft for traveling Within, into, or out of the United States.

Exotic Flight has a responsibility to our clients and to the safety of my employees. All individuals on this list are considered a threat to the well-being of the company and passengers.

By have exhibiting threatening, violent and unpredictable Behavior. Our No-Fly List extends to our Airport terminals, properties, and parking lots. Our No-Fly List is permanent and all information will be shared with all Exotic Flight Aircraft Operators and Law Enforcement.

Frivolous Cause of Action & Frivolous Claims, by Mr. Tzu (Ben)  Ngai