This is a complete and comprehensive service covering all aspects of Close Protection. It is based on decades of practice and experimentation in the real world. With Our Licensed Close Protection Officer who has over 35 years’ experience as a bodyguard.

We have protected a vast range of clients. The day would begin with a meeting of the bodyguard team led by the team leader. The team would review the different activities that the client plans to do during the day, and discuss how the team would undertake the different transportation, escorting, and monitoring tasks. specializes in providing quality executive and personal protection services with 100% clients trust.

Whether the client is a corporate executive, government official, foreign dignitary or in the entertainment industry, we aim to provide discreet professional protective services

No One Can Ever Get Near Your Aircraft Again, SkiesGuards Worldwide Aircraft Monitoring Drome. 

SkiesGuards Drome is fitted with a selection of high performance and low power electronic safety components: infrared and Doppler sensors, rugged night and day high sensibility cameras, cellular and satellite modules and flashing alarm light. SkiesGuards Drome embedded software ensures full functionality and reliability of the system.

      Guarantees the integrity and the safety of your aircraft anywhere in the world 
Monthly Rates:  includes flight crew training on installation to aircraft, wireless access to aircraft owner, aircraft owners security and designated flight crew.

      $500.00 daily  - 
$900.00 weekend - $6,500.00 monthly - $78,000.00 yearly

Our highly trained technicians will oversee Around the Clock coverage of your aircraft 
With quick response to law enforcement & airport security, SkiesGuards will also help lower insurance rates and allow your flight crew to rest peacefully knowing SkiesGuard Drome is on the ramp.

Equipment deposit required for monthly  & yearly service

Vandals Spray Private Jets With Graffiti At Los Angeles Airport, AGAIN 

Three multi-million-dollar corporate jets were found spray-painted with graffiti at Los Angeles’ Van Nuys Airport on Monday, making the second-like incident in two years.The brazen security breach left two of the three jets collectively with around $34,500 in damage. The third jet is still awaiting an estimate, Los Angeles Airport Police said Tuesday. The vandals are suspected of pulling off the stunt sometime early Monday morning after cutting through a perimeter fence with a bolt cutter. Once inside, they entered the jets’ isolated, private hangar and went to work, leaving a series of letters and numbers on the sides, Officer Rob Pedregon told the Huffington Post.

Rapid Deployment of VIP Protection Services, 24/7 More Than a Bodyguard Service, You Get Comprehensive Exotic Flights Ultra Private Service Safe Passage Escort. that provide you with more detail Global protection.

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In Operation Since 2004

 "Aircraft owners Can now sleep at night knowing their aircraft have a bodyguard."

SkiesGuards is a smart and innovative solution that answers the growing demand for protection of aircraft on the ground. Using the latest technologies, the security device guarantees 24/7 monitoring of the aircraft on the ground and protects it from a variety of risks thanks to its 360 night and day vision. Easily installed on the aircraft’s landing gear wheels, Vigiplane operates autonomously from the aircraft systems and does not require certification.

 SkiesGuards Worldwide Aircraft Monitoring Drome

Exotic flights call ultra private jets service is strictly a referral agent using contract license security companies internationally and domestic